30th Anniversary

// As part of our 30 years anniversary campaign, we are honoring the finest creatives, producers, directors, production designers, cinematographers, and experts in the fields of film and advertising who have contributed to creating memorable and captivating content at Milk & Honey.

The selection of pieces below were helmed by the likes of Spike Jonze, Wes Anderson, Tim Burton and Guillermo del Toro, to name a few.

Andersen Consulting - Randy Roberts

Shot in Chateau Kacina, this beautiful and farsighted piece was shot in 3 long days for 58 hours in total. A Rhythm and Hues production for the NYC based agency Young and Rubicam.

Trident - David Kellogg

A Propaganda Films production for J. Walter Thomson agency. At the time, it was the largest production ever made in studio for a commercial in the Czech Republic and it was entirely shot in Barrandov Studios.

Celine Dion - Nigel Dick

In a 2020 interview, Celine Dion stated that this is one of her favorite music videos of all-time. This 7 minute romantic piece portrays at its best the 90s' vibe, and was shot entirely in Chateau Ploskovice.

Ozzy Osbourne - Nigel Dick

Inspired by the realms of Nosferatu, Ozzy came to Prague to create this world. A Gothic backlot set was built to recreate the scenes.

Armistice - Nature Made

This memorable piece penned by Leo Burnett was brought to life in Prague's Main Train Station to stand in for French station during the end of the first world war.

Reebok - Samuel Bayer

This epic commercial by Berlin Cameron & Partner agency, directed by Samuel Bayer, required more than 5000 runners and was shot in the Strahov Stadium.

Kraft Foods - Randy Roberts

This very unique Kraft ad was directed by Randy Roberts for the Foote, Cone & Belding agency. It was shot all on studio and required over 1 month of crafty preparation.

Visa - Janusz Kaminski

This funny piece for VISA was directed by Steven Spielbergs' right hand man: director of cinematography Janusz Kaminski. It takes place in the Pernstejn Castle, close to the second biggest city, Brno.

Skittles - Peter Smillie.

This dreamy, Gothic and eventually colourful piece was directed by Peter Smillie.

Maytag - Buddy Cone

This fun ad directed by Buddy Cone from the Leo Burnett agency required around 50 buses to carry those 2500 extras to recreate that vast battlefield.

Dune - John Harrison

This three-part mini series directed by John Harrison is based on Frank Herbert's classic science fiction novel. It won two Primetime Emmys.

Timex - Tim Burton

Tim Burton suggested that Lisa Marie - from Mars Attacks! (1996) - should star in this unique Timex commercial.

Anne Frank: The Whole Story - Robert Dornhelm

This two-part series  starring Ben Kingsley and directed by Robert Dornhelm won 2 Primetime Emmys and was entirely shot in the Czech Republic.

Bugles - Marcel Langenegger

Marcel Langenegger decided to go full sci-fi on this ad that was brought to life in our Prague Studios.

Blow - Ted Demme

Starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, Blow tells the origins of the American cocaine trade with the Medellin Cartel headed by Pablo Escobar.

Blade II - Guillermo del Toro

This action packed Marvel film starring Wesley Snipes was entirely shot in Prague. Del Toro was really inspired by the Gothic architecture of the Czech capital to bring these blood-thirsty creatures to life.

Nissan Z - John Bruno

This bold stunt was directed by John Bruno and commissioned by The Designory for Creative Domain. More than 300 professionals were involved in order to block the streets of Prague and perform the stunt.

King of Texas - Uli Edel

This western starring Patrick Stewart and directed by Uli Edel was entirely shot in Mexico and handled by our L.A. office.

Levis - Spike Jonze

Shot in Mexico, this Spike Jonze spot was a major success in the US, and has gone down as a shining example of the director's unique style.

De Beers - Bruno Aveillan

This autumn commercial directed by Bruno Aveillan for JWT NY uncovers a mysterious, yet romantic Prague as the setting.

Buick - The Cronenweths

Brothers Tim & Jeff Cronenweth helmed this ad for McCann Erickson which was shot entirely in our Prague Studios. Jeff is perhaps best known as David Fincher's Director of Cinematography for the past 2 decades.

Heineken - Josh Baker

This brilliantly executed piece directed by Josh Baker for the Leo Burnett Australia agency was brought to life in the old town of Prague close to Palac Zofin.

Drona - Goldie Behl

This very unique Indian action-historical-romance film directed Goldie Behl was shot in Tabor.

AT&T Reporter - Wes Anderson

These two of four AT&T commercials directed by Wes Anderson for Moxie Pictures were entirely staged in our Prague Studios.

AT&T Actor - Wes Anderson

This commercial used some of the decoration of the German film Red Baron. Anderson's unique technique of visual storytelling and directing is clearly visible in these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Nissan - The Cronenweths

Another successful and explosive collaboration with the Cronenweths brothers to bring this invigorating piece to life.

Gran Centenario - Matthias Zentner

This audacious piece was helmed by Matthias Zentner for DDB Mexico and brought to life again in our Prague Studios. A prototype of a slow-motion camera made in Germany, called the Weinberg, was used to capture some of those breathtaking scenes at more than 1000 Frames per second.


This high-spirited and imaginative commercial was shot in Argentina and handled by our South American branch.

G-Energy - Jan de Bont

This action packed commercial starring Jason Statham and directed by Jan de Bont (Speed 1994) was shot on a very tight schedule due to Statham's restricted availability.

Breitling - Eric Magnan

This funny commercial was shot in a beautiful desert in Chile from our Santiago office. It was directed by Eric Magnan for Airborne films.

Benetton - Laurent Chanez

This inciting and daring commercial was directed by Laurent Chanez for the 72andSunny agency.

JEEP - Filip Tellander

This inspiring piece directed by Filip Tellander was entrusted to Milk and Honey by the Leo Burnett agency NY.

VW - Johan Perjus

This mesmerizing 4 minute commercial was directed by Johan Perjus for the Ogilvy agency on request from VW China. It was partially shot in the beautiful VW factory in Dresden.

Windex - Mikon van Gastel

Believe it or not, this funny Windex commercial was all shot in our Prague Studios. Directed by Mikon van Gastel for Ogilvy & Mather.

Rock in Rio - Kiko Lomba

This adventurous and action-packed piece featuring Donald Sutherland was directed by Kiko Lomba and features great hotspots of Prague.  

Bacardi - Patrick Clair

This wonderful piece directed by Patrick Clair for the BETC London agency was partially shot in an old sugar factory in Tousen. 

Bang Bang! - Siddharth Anand

This Indian action-packed and fueled film was directed by Siddarth Anand and became a huge blockbuster success.

Infinity - Janusz Kaminski

Another great collaboration with Director/DOP Janusz Kaminski for the Crispin Porter & Bogusky agency.

Kaiser Permanente - Julian Acosta

 This emotional piece was directed by Julian Acosta for the Campbell Ewald agency.

The Adventurers - Stephen Fung

This action-comedy Chinese film was directed by Stephen Fung and was shot all over the Czech Republic.

Skoda - Jan Pavlacky

This bold and challenging campaign for Skoda Cycling was directed by Jan Pavlacky and shot in the Himalayas. It was an intense 2 month operation. The whole crew even had to spend time in the decompression chamber due to the specific conditions of such high altitudes.

Dolceroma - Fabio Resinaro

70% of this crime/comedy Italian film directed by Fabio Resinaro, was shot in the Czech Republic.

Milka - Magnus Renfors

This lovely Milka commercial was shot in the Tousen sugar factory. Directed by Magnus Renfors for the Weiden + Kennedy Agency.

Ghostmane - Hydrochloride

This dark yet brilliant music video for Ghostemane was shot in one of Prague's most famous filming locations and brought to life with the help of our amazing production designers.

Haunted - Netflix

This series, inspired by real events, was directed by Jan Pavlacky for Netflix and shot primarily in the Czech Republic. It was so successful that Netflix launched a Spanish language spinoff.

Midea - Matej Chlupacek

This brilliant and heart-warming Christmas musical, written by musician and actor Alex Montyro, brought a completely new approach to our favourite Christmas story.

Foundation - Apple TV+

This fascinating and ambitious Sci-Fi series is currently being produced by Milk and Honey in our Prague Studios.

Suburban Screams - John Carpenter

This scary series brought to life by the master of horror himself was a delight to produce.

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